THE EMPOWERED WOMAN RETREAT 1-3 Nov 2019 Fairmont Resort, Leura Blue Mountains

We all go through phases of life that knock us off our true path. The key to living an empowered life is to find our way back. At The Empowered Woman Retreat, you’ll be able to finally take time for yourself – stepping outside the whirlwind of life so you can just let everything go, and reconnect with what matters. It’s time to trust ourselves again. To feel our power and to reach our potential. It all starts with that first step – come join me and learn the tools that can help you embrace and empower your life.
 Do Something Now Your Future Self Will Thank You For!



Learn how to show up fully, so you can be truly present in everything you do.


Stop disempowering yourself, and reclaim your power as well as the awareness of who you truly are.


Feel more inspired, fulfilled, and on-track with your life.


  • Clear and resolve emotional barriers, helping you regain focus so you can set your intentions towards what you really want out of life.
  • Understand why and how you disempower yourself, and what tools you can use to empower yourself instead.
  • Reconnect to your inner power so you can learn to trust yourself and live life with confidence.
  • Discover and align with your personal mission, purpose and vision.
  • Take conscious action with intention and purpose so you can always stay on track.

In today’s modern, hectic world, we’re constantly exposed to things that disconnect us from ourselves. That’s why it’s so important to continually reconnect with yourself to ensure you are living life to your greatest potential.

Use this retreat to celebrate who you are, where you came from, and who you’re becoming.

"A great opportunity to spend three awesome days with a group of very supportive women who are on a very similar journey. You get to have so much fun and learn some amazing life changing skills as well."

Demetra Day
Head of Major Accounts Division, Chubb Insurance Australia Ltd.

Meet Suzi Petrozzi

Clinical Psychologist Women's Empowerment Coach & Retreat Facilitator

I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of women over the past 17 years, both young and older generations, as a clinical psychologist, coach and mentor to help them reconnect to who they truly are and empower women to be more and do more with what's inside of them.

While it may be scary at first to take the leap to reclaim lost parts of ourselves, or parts we never knew even existed, once we do, we can never look back. Instead, we forge a new path for ourselves and become more conscious of the influential role we are here to play. 
When women give themselves the permission to put themselves first, and learn to trust their intuition, I witness women transition into loving relationships, meaningful careers, better health, increased confidence, greater risk taking, ownership of decision-making, and a feeling of empowerment!

To be an empowered woman is to dare to put ourselves first so that we can make a positive change- in our lives as well as in the lives of others."



Over the 3 days, Suzi will personally guide and support you through THE EMPOWERMENT PROCESS, helping you to be present, stay in your power, and live your life on purpose, so you can continue to unleash your potential and expand what’s possible for your life.


Own Your Presence and Show Up Fully

On Day 1, Suzi will work with you, helping you to clear and resolve old emotions and habits that are getting in the way of your growth. This clearing process will allow you to focus on who you want to be and why.

You’ll also learn powerful tools to help you stay centred and grounded, no matter what’s going on in your life. Through learning how to be present, you’ll be able to truly show up and embrace life, every day.

Presence is the foundation for learning how to trust yourself, stay in your power and live on purpose.



Learn to Reconnect to Your Power

Over the years, we all develop habits we aren’t even conscious of, and that disempower the self. When we can’t see how we’re sabotaging ourselves, we’re destined to repeat the same old patterns in life.

On Day 2, you’ll learn how to identify and release sabotaging beliefs, behaviours, and emotions. When you can shed light on, and have compassion for, your shadow, you can integrate this part of yourself and embrace change more comfortably. Then, you can learn to embody empowering beliefs about yourself, others, and the future.

These beliefs become your building blocks as you move towards realising your potential and vision.



Discover Your Mission, Purpose and Vision.

On Day 3, you’ll be given the tools to centre yourself and to discover and align with your personal mission. When you’re connected to your purpose, you can create deeper meaning in all that you do, and live an inspired life. You’ll be able to see how everything fits together to help you grow and evolve. This understanding allows you to let go of what you no longer need. 

You’ll learn how to take action with intention and purpose so you can stay on track and live with clarity and direction – even when life throws you curveballs, or tempests!

When we connect to our life-force, we invite more life-force into every part of our life. This is when life starts to flow, and we start to get glimpses of joy.


The Empowered Woman Retreat 1-3 Nov 2019 at the Fairmont Resort, Leura, Blue Mountains

We've taken great care to ensure that our host hotel, Fairmont Resort, in the beautiful Blue Mountains, is the perfect place to experience The Empowered Woman transformation! Fairmont Resort is the pinnacle of upscale accommodation in Leura, one of the most charming upper-mountains villages in Australia. You'll stay in one of the boutique style rooms each with individual character and featuring either panoramic views of the Jamison Valley in the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, or the manicured gardens and grounds. We've negotiated a special room rate for only $218 per night which includes breakfast for one.

ENROL BEFORE 22nd OCT 2019 and SAVE $300!









Enrol now at an early bird rate and save over $700!


Until 22nd Oct only. Standard price thereafter $1997 per person. Bonus not included.


  • 3-days of transformative experience with Suzi Petrozzi;
  • Lunch for all 3 days;
  • Pre-retreat 30min session with Suzi Petrozzi;
  • Discounted room rate at $218 per night which includes breakfast for one person.
  • SPECIAL BONUS:  Debrief Series Program.   

 4 x weekly 90min session held via Zoom, after the retreat, and led by Suzi Petrozzi to help you review, process and experience key lessons from The Empowered Woman Retreat and further support you to commit to your goals, mission, purpose and vision. Valued at $497! 

  • Total savings of $797 (early bird + bonus)





Until 18th Sept only. Standard price thereafter $1997 per person. Bonus not included.

WHAT'S INCLUDED for each person:

  • 3-days of transformative experience with Suzi Petrozzi 
  • Lunch for all 3 days;
  • Pre-retreat 30min session with Suzi Petrozzi;
  • Discounted room rate at $218 per night which includes breakfast for one person.
  • SPECIAL BONUS:  Debrief Series Program

 4 x weekly 90min session held via Zoom, after the retreat, and led by Suzi Petrozzi to help you review, process and experience key lessons from The Empowered Woman Retreat and further support you to commit to your goals, mission, purpose and vision. Valued at $497! 

  • Total savings over $1000 (early bird + bonus + bring-a-friend)

"The retreat is sure to change your life. It's an empowering experience. Though it can be confronting at times, it's a very safe space and you can trust the process. Suzi is calm, non-judgmental, and open in her approach. She meets you wherever you're at."

Lily Edwards
Founder of Naravi Retreat -

"If you want to really get to know yourself what you stand for, have a memorable fun weekend and be in flow, then go for it!"

Dr Josephine Braid
Rehabilitation and Functional Medicine Specialist

"Suzi not only supports you but also shares her own life experiences. This keeps it real and creates a safe environment to share and not feel judged. Seems, we are all similar in the way we sabotage our full potential. Suzi helps guide you into having further insight into YOU and what matters to YOU. It’s not about rehashing life but all about moving forward."

Bernadette Payne
Personal Stylist -

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've been wanting real change in your life but haven't achieved what you hoped for then this is an opportunity to go deeper and identify exactly what belief systems and sabotages have stopped you from being able to do this. Unless you address core beliefs, and emotions associated with these beliefs, real lasting change is harder to attain.

So, if you're ready for real change, but you haven't found the one thing to help you do that, then this retreat is for you. 



Like with anything else in life, you will receive what you put into an experience. 

Sometimes women may come with a predetermined outcome in their mind only to realise at the end of the 3-days that that is not what they actually needed to change. For example, some women come hoping to be able to trust men, and soon realise that wasn't the main reason for coming. What they need to learn is how to change the relationship they have with themselves.

We find that women who are willing to be vulnerable, or at least be willing to learn how to be vulnerable, by sharing their stories or experience, and are open to the processes, are the ones who tend to receive the greatest transformation.

The more you can stay open-minded, ready and willing to receive, the more you will learn, shift and transform.

It's great that you are open to learning and bettering your life. It's also great that health and wellness is a priority for you.

While we try to incorporate health and wellness aspects into our retreat by including healthy lunch options and guest speakers (when possible) who focus on women specific issues, The Empowered Woman Retreat is not a health retreat. It is an experiential personal development retreat for women only. At times the processes used can be confronting and challenging as we work on addressing core beliefs as well as relationship dynamics. We ask each participants to be in partnership with us to ensure we maintain a space of trust, safety and integrity. 

The simple answer is no.

The intention of the retreat is that you take 3-days away from your busy life and dedicate time to work on yourself and your life. 

Furthermore, group cohesion is established on Day 1 of our retreat and leaving earlier affects the energy, experience and the bond of the whole group. 

Once we receive your enrolment, you will receive an email with information on how to book your hotel room using a special promotional code. 

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this training and its potential. Any claims made of actual transformation are exceptional results and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. 

Each individual’s transformation depends on their background, full participation and level of follow-through. As with any personal development endeavour, there is an inherent risk and there is no guarantee that you will achieve specific results with the methods taught in this training. 




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